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Creepy Club Podcast

Sep 8, 2020

Discussion: We’re so sorry to announce that we will no longer be producing episodes of Creepy Club but please enjoy all 92 of our episodes and feel free to keep reaching out to us via social media.


Our Favorite Episodes:

  • Meeting No. 1 - Momo
  • Meeting No. 2 - Limbs
  • Meeting No. 9 - The Dyatlov Pass Incident
  • Meeting...

Aug 25, 2020

Discussion: Heidi talks about Loren Lockman and the Tanglewood Center and the horrific things that have happened there.


Discussion starts: (00:17:29)


Sources and other info:


Why Loren Lockman and Timothy Trader are the Worst 

Unlicensed Practitioners Cited after Death of Diabetic Patient

Clayton College of...

Aug 18, 2020

Discussion: Rissa tells some stories of encounters with Black Eyed Children. Internet creepypasta, aliens, or ghosts? You decide!

Discussion starts: (00:28:53)


Brian Bethel and the Black Eyed Kids

Legend of the Black-eyed children

Can We Come In? – The Lore Of The Black Eyed Children – Ryan Sprague's...

Aug 11, 2020

Discussion: Heidi tells us stories about stuff found in peoples’ houses. Some are heartwarming, some are creepy, some are crimey, and some are just downright disturbing. We also dip into interesting ways that forensics have solved crimes.

Discussion starts: (00:11:15)


The Strangest Things Found in...