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Creepy Club Podcast

Sep 20, 2018

Discussion (Timestamp: 22:30): Rissa talks about the true story the movie, “The Exorcist” was based on as well as strange coincidences that occured on the film set. Rissa and Heidi also reveal their favorite Muppets.








Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications:


  • Jesuits are more than just educators


  • With 16,000-plus priests, brothers, scholastics and novices worldwide, we are the largest male religious order in the Catholic Church. We are pastors, teachers, and chaplains. We are also doctors, lawyers, and astronomers, among many other roles in Church and society. In our varied ministries, we care for the whole person: body, mind, and soul. And especially in our education ministries, we seek to nurture "men and women for others."



  • Acolyte/Altar Server


  • The office of altar server was created around a thousand years ago so there would be a group of people who could stand in for acolytes when none were available. Today that is the case in most parishes, and therefore the position of altar server has come to predominate at most Masses.



  • Exorcist house in STL is in Bel-Nor not Belle Fountain



  • ​Requests for exorcisms have increased!


  • The International Catholic Association of Exorcists is an organization of Catholic Exorcist Priests & Bishops.  All Clergy are validly ordained in Apostolic Succession. Our mission is to provide relief to those impacted by Satan and his minions.  We have over 200 members on 6 continents. All members go through a strict validation process and follow a strict code of ethics, all clergy members are bound by the seal of the confessional.  We are the largest body of Exorcists outside of the Roman Catholic Church.



  • Cannon Law (Catholic Church)


  • No one can perform exorcisms legitimately upon the possessed unless he has obtained special and express permission from the local ordinary.
  • The local ordinary is to give this permission only to a presbyter who has piety, knowledge, prudence, and integrity of life.



  • ​How many Catholic saints are there?










  • Who was St. James the Greater


  • Nothing is known of St. James the Greater's early life, though it has been established that he is the son of Zebedee and Salome and brother of John the disciple.
  • The title "the Greater" was added to St. James' name to help distinguish him from the Apostle James "the Less," who is believed to have been shorter than James "the Greater."
  • Saint James the Greater was one of Jesus' first disciples. James was fishing with his father and John the Apostle when Jesus came to the shores of the Sea of Galilee and called for the fisherman, who were unable to catch any fish that day, to dip their nets in the water once again.
  • When the fishermen followed Jesus' instructions, they found their nets full, and after emptying the fish on board, the boats nearly sank from their weight.
  • Later, James was one of only three called by Jesus to witness his Transfiguration, and when he and his brother wanted to call fire upon a Samaritan town, both were rebuked by Jesus.
  • Following Christ's Ascension, James spread the Gospel across Israel and the Roman kingdom as well. He traveled and spread the Word for nearly forty years in Spain.
  • It is said that one day, as he prayed, The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him and asked him to build her a church, which he did.