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Creepy Club Podcast

Sep 20, 2018

Heidi talks about 3 cases where subjects didn't know they were being tested on.

Discussion Begins: 20:20


Sep 20, 2018

Rissa talks about an unsolved mystery which happened in Russia.

Sorry about the weird audio!


Discussion Begins:


Creepy Corrections Conclusions & Clarifications

Sep 20, 2018

Heidi tells the story of The Southside Rapist in St. Louis, MO.

Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications

  • Couldn’t find anything about baseball riots except that boston rioted after 2004 world series when they swept the cardinals. Bummer!

Source: St. Louis Magazine


Chasing Rabbitt

Extra New DNA Helping...

Sep 20, 2018

Rissa tells Heidi spooky stories about ghosts who helped solve their own murders.

Discussion begins:

  • Creepy Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications
  • Where does rum come from?
  • Where does vodka come from?

Sep 20, 2018

Heidi and Rissa discuss two stories Heidi has a personal connection to -- one being the Chain of Rocks Bridge murders.

Content warning: Rape, violence and murder


On April 4, 1991 four men raped, murdered, and threw sister Julie and Robin Kerry off the Chain of Rocks bridge. They also robbed their cousin Thomas Cummins...